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  1. shaynefuxa says:

    This was awesome as I start a new journey of peace myself I am learning it’s ok to be still with myself thanks for your inspiration #stilllearning

    1. Being still with yourself can be so difficult sometimes which makes it even more important.

  2. shaynefuxa says:

    Dana , your such a source of endless energy , optimism , joy and power ! I have had so many health struggles I continue to let it stop me on my path of trying to be healthy and it’s so frustrating . I am 53 years young and always strive to eat right and stay fit exercise does not come easy for me with back and hip issues I need to learn to overcome the pain and push through . Thanks

    1. Keep it up! You should try yoga you might like it 🙂

  3. This is amazing!! Love!! I always post about the law of attraction 🙂 Great read!
    XO, MK

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