Meet the Board

Executive Committee

Hello and welcome to Wythdraw Art Community. My name is C. R. Costley. I am the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of this arts education and personal development, rehabilitation organization. I am a loyal husband, happy father, exciting son and dependable friend. I have been a student of art in many forms for over twenty five years. I am a naturally creative being, constantly expanding my artistic education and trying to quench my thirst for knowledge. I love all forms of creating, especially illustrating, painting, singing, dancing,writing, cooking, sculpting, tattooing and simply working with my hands. Art is my life. I am currently working to build a portfolio that displays a wide range of skills including murals, writing books, children books and screenplays. I thoroughly enjoy poetry, reading and film and anticipate being a film producer/director. I have been a professional, award winning tattoo artist for nearly fifteen years and currently own and operate, with my lovely wife, a very successful, award winning studio in Wylie TX. Since I was a young boy I have always believed that art was all around us. In everything we do we can find artistic values and creative procedures, from riding a bike, tying our shoes, cooking a meal or painting a picture. It is my firm belief that in everyone exists an artist. The satisfaction we can feel from creating something that didn’t exist before we started can be overwhelmingly therapeutic and mentally stimulating. As a young teenager I lost my father to a horrible bout of pancreatic cancer and for several years found myself in a dark state of near depression. I had been an artist my whole life but had not yet discovered the therapeutic benefits of the creative process. While I had dreamed of one day owning my own tattoo studio I was met with great discouragement from most of my educators and peers. I learned then that most people will project their own fears and failures onto others. Being as determined as I have always been I never gave up. I quit high school in the ninth grade to pursue my ultimate dream of being a successful tattoo artist.I was soon offered an apprenticeship and a job at a highly reputable tattoo studio but was told I could not begin working until I graduated. I returned to school after missing an entire year only to catch up to my fellow class mates and proceed to graduate on time with my original class. Through hard work and dedication I was able to maintain passing grades and acceptable attendance in order to reach my goal. In 2004, I graduated and went on to begin my career as a tattoo artist at the early age of eighteen. Throughout high school I would battle doubt and mild depression. It was the counselor at my high school that helped me begin to realize my potential. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to this man for believing in me when others labeled me a misfit. It is because of him I have gone on to fill a void in many others and help them to alleviate pressure and navigate stressful circumstances. I feel an overwhelming obligation to reach people in the way that he reached me. Since, I have encouraged others to discover themselves and reach for the goals they thought were either too far away or too far gone. I have been lucky to have the truly humbling experience of mentoring at-risk students at an alternative campus in a nearby community and plan to broaden my scope in hopes to be welcomed into more schools in the future. I have a deep desire to help people engage their true potential and relieve them of the pressures of society and acceptance. My family is entirely supportive of our community and remain involved with the development of our local traditions. With WAC we strive to be a positive addition to Wylie as well as other places around the world. Through self discovery and artistic empowerment we vow to break the chains of doubt and free the minds of anyone who joins us. I look forward to meeting new people interested in growth and personal development and I am incredibly excited for the future of Wythdraw Art Community.
Eliminate your doubt. Activate your confidence. Create your future.

Co-Founder/Executive Director
Thank you for stopping by to meet this wonderful Board of Trust! I am Dana Ashley. Mother, wife, educator, vegetarian, yogi, artist, gardener, and on a path of enlightenment. I am very devoted to personal growth, art, and public service. I am an advocate for organ donation working with Donate Life Texas and Southwest Transplant Alliance, I am very committed to educating the community about donation but beyond that the Hope that can come from tragedy. I would be happy to share my story with you sometime. I am a partner of a tattoo studio in Wylie, Alterity Collector’s Union, and am passionate about tattooing as an art form. Painting and collage make my art heart happy, I aspire to be really good at typography and creative writing. I especially LOVE working with littles, I just love to see their faces when they realize how amazing they are at creating, and I have a strong desire to work more with single and young mothers. I spent almost two years in a classroom teaching elementary art at Dodd Elementary in Wylie ISD (shout out). I only left there to follow my BIG dream, Wythdraw Art Community, that my husband Clynt and I have been working to make a reality over the last few years.
Words cannot express my passion for this organization and what I hope to bring to not only the community of Wylie but many others. Art was a big part of my childhood, introduced to me by my dad, grandmother, and one of my aunts. We mostly did crafting and ceramics, my dad a lot of doodling but we were creating. Art left my life for a period of time when it was continuously discouraged by those around me but was reintroduced to me by my husband Clynt. It changed my life and gave me a new reason in a time I needed it most. I went on to finish college, changing my degree from Marketing to Fine Art. I am very excited about the future of this organization. I cannot wait to create with you!

Vice President
Hello, I am Marjorie Bennett. I’ve been happily married to Jason Bennett for the last 24 years. Jason works for AT&T as an outside plant engineer. Together we have a teenage son named McKinley. McKinley is currently a senior at Wylie East and he will be attending Texas Tech in the fall. If you watch college football look for him in the Going Band. I am a total band Mom. Every Friday during football season I feed the band and on Saturdays I chaperone band contest. McKinley marched for DCI last summer. I chased him all over the United States volunteering on the food truck. Working on the food truck is hard work! I also have 1 dog named Sprinter and three cats Curley, Cheese Ball, and Ashley. I’m not a crazy cat lady, I promise. These cats had nowhere to go, so they ended up at my house.
I have worked for Wylie ISD for the 11 years. During that time I have substitute taught, taught life skills, PPCD (pre-k program for children with disabilities), pre-k, kindergarten, and art. The last 6 years I have been teaching elementary art. Two of those years I was at R.F. Hartman Elementary. I was there during the years that made it a national Blue Ribbon School. I taught students pre-k through 4th grade. The last 4 years I have been at P.M. Akin Elementary teaching kindergarten through fourth grade art. I love teaching art. I love that moment when children start problem solving and make connections through art.
I can remember when I discovered that I loved art. I was 4 years old and I attended Marywood School. My teacher passed out these really neat rectangular crayons that had little chips of red, yellow, blue, orange,green, and violet compressed together. When you would draw multiple colors would make the lines. I thought these crayons were AMAZING! I knew then I loved art.


I am Jen!
A little about me- I am a mom of two boys and wife (why do we always introduce ourselves as moms first)!? The most important things to us, are the first things we are willing to strike up a conversation about, right? Being a mom has taught me how to be completely unselfish, has taught me what love truly does mean and most important, how to be a great leader. My favorite hobby is to bake and I also love to workout.
How did I get here? I bring 15 years of accounting ,and 11 years of non-profit experience to the table- blah blah BORING!
Why am I really here?
Well aside from knowing the Vice President for almost 30 years, I am a very passionate person and when I believe in something I go for it, and will not take no for an answer. I have watched Clynt and Dana put blood sweat and tears into their passion. I have watched their dreams go from pencil and paper, to a building with walls. I have watched them work countless hours sometimes not sleeping for days. I have watched people come in and out of their lives that claim to have the same vision- but don’t. That didn’t stop them. I have watched them give back to the community from donations, to raising money, to physically showing others what dedication can do for them- emotionally, therapeutically, and artistically.
Sometimes we are a lost soul- even if just for a moment. Sometimes we just need some guidance from someone who believes in us. Dana and Clynt believe that all of us are artist in some shape, form or fashion. They are the people that believe in you and together as a team, WE want to help you find that. I couldn’t be happier and more honored to support two amazing people that will never give up on you, and that my friends….. is why I am really here!
So watch out world, we are coming for you…… one artist at a time.

My name is Dawn Akin. My family is one of the greatest sources of happiness in my life. My husband Sean and I met when we were in high school and started our family very young. We have three girls Abrianna, Gabrielle, Emjaye and two boys Troy, Ender. My husband works as a tower crane operator in the DFW area and I homeschool our five children, nanny another wonderful boy, work at a daycare, and am a receptionist at a local tattoo studio, Alterity Collector’s Union.
I have always been very artistic, theatrical, and musically inclined and I love to make people laugh. I also love to sing in and out of the shower and my family knows that if I am singing around the house at the top of my lungs that all is right in my world… or wrong depending on the song I am trying to sing! I am currently teaching myself to play the guitar and have many other items that I am adding to my ever-growing bucket list which includes such things as participating in a flash mob, seeing the Northern Lights in person, finding my passion, and working on a cruise ship.
When Clynt and Dana introduced me to their nonprofit, Wythdraw, I knew I had to be a part of it. What particularly strikes a chord in me is that among many other things, they want to reach the people that mainstream society has previously placed a discouraging label on. In high school, during a hard time in my life, I was known as one of those “bad kids”. I know exactly how it feels to not feel bad on the inside but to slowly have your actions and everyone else’s reactions begin to make you believe that you are something that you’re really not. It took me a long time to crawl my way out of the hole I had made for myself from that period of my life.
In the end, we are all just people; trying to survive and maybe even creatively and passionately thrive in a world and society that doesn’t always value those attributes. All of us have, at one time or another, muddled our way through feelings of fear and unworthiness. Through Wythdraw I look forward to bringing love, hope, passion, and art into the lives of people who probably just need a hug, a reason to smile, and someone to remind them that they are worthy, special, and important.

Communications Director
Bio coming soon