Meet the Board

Executive Committee


Communications Director                       Frances Graham

Hello creators, mentors, volunteers, and guardian sponsors.  Yes, I am talking to you! Welcome to the Wythdraw Art Community.


WE are powerful beyond our imaginations.

As Wythdraw’s Communications Director, my purpose is to bring the arts to you.

Connect. Create. Community.

We are visionaries, developers, innovators cloaked as artisans. The artist’s path brings creation to a new level.   Life is full of moments of discovery.  Along the way we discover what part  we are here exploring.  The heart of our mission is to be in service to others through exposing our audience to the therapeutic benefits of  the creative process.  I am honored to create with Wythdraw’s magnificent board members.  On behalf of the Wythdraw Art Community,  I invite you to join us.  Become a creator.  Sponsor an artist. Become a volunteer.  Wythdraw needs your support.

Each one of us has a part, What are you creating?