Frances Graham


Communications Director Frances Graham

Graphic Design  Traditional print (emphasis on Packaging / Branding)

Digital media        Co-chair Development Committee Content Writer                       

Personal Development Coach

I identify as a polymath. Creative arts, connecting people and liberation from limiting beliefs is at my core. Wythdraw Art Community responds to mental challenges by being a catalyst for healing the parts of us that have become disjointed, stuck, depressed, anxious, etc.  The creative process promotes balance, through fostering self expression.

Q:  What am I doing?

A:  Anchoring harmony and inspiring excellence. It can be a challenge in a world plagued with self destructive behaviors.

Q:  How do you promote self healing?

A:  What are you creating? Taking responsibility for what we are creating is the take away for me. Being a deliberate creator takes courage.  Encouraging others to feel what they feel is a way to move forward.  Emptying out what is no longer serving us can be one of the ways we stand up and take back our power.