Dana Ashley

Dana Ashley

Traditional Artist with a degree in Graphic Design / Vegan / Yogi / Creative Personal Mentor / Organ donor Activist

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Thank you for stopping by to meet this wonderful Board of Trust! I am Dana Ashley. Mother, wife, educator, vegetarian, yogi, artist, gardener, and on a path of enlightenment. I am very devoted to personal growth, art, and public service. I am an advocate for organ donation working with Donate Life Texas and Southwest Transplant Alliance.  I am very committed to educating the community about donation but beyond that, the Hope that can come from tragedy. I would be happy to share my story with you sometime.

Painting and collage make my art heart happy, I aspire to be really good at typography and creative writing.

I especially LOVE working with littles, I just love to see their faces when they realize how amazing they are at creating, and I have a strong desire to work more with single and young mothers. I spent almost two years in a classroom teaching elementary art at Dodd Elementary in Wylie ISD (shout out). I only left there to follow my BIG dream, Wythdraw Art Community, that my husband Clynt and I have been working to make a reality over the last few years.
Words cannot express my passion for this organization and what I hope to bring to not only the community of Wylie but many others. Art was a big part of my childhood, introduced to me by my dad, grandmother, and one of my aunts. We mostly did crafting and ceramics, my dad a lot of doodling but we were creating. Art left my life for a period of time when it was continuously discouraged by those around me but was reintroduced to me by my husband Clynt. It changed my life and gave me a new reason in a time I needed it most. I went on to finish college, changing my degree from Marketing to Fine Art. I am very excited about the future of this organization. I cannot wait to create with you!

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