C.R. Costley

C.R. Costley


Co-owner of Alterity Collector’s Union
Published author   Creative mentor Screenwriter   Mural artist

Hello and welcome to Wythdraw Art Community.  
My name is C. R. Costley. I am the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of this arts education and personal development, rehabilitation organization.

I am a loyal husband, happy father, exciting son and dependable friend.

I have been a student of art in many forms for over twenty-five years. I am a naturally creative being, constantly expanding my artistic education and trying to quench my thirst for knowledge. I love all forms of creating, especially illustrating, painting, singing, dancing, writing, cooking, sculpting, tattooing and simply working with my hands. Art is my life.

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Eliminate your doubt. Activate your confidence. Create your future.

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