A BIG Dream

A BIG Dream

And a Desire to See it Through


A dream to bring art to the community. It was more than just bringing art it was about empowering people. It was about showing people their artistic capabilities. It was about experiencing a creative release, a therapeutic alternative. About a year and a half ago we came up with this BIG dream and a little over a year ago I gave up teaching art to pursue this dream and see it through to reality. It takes a lot of courage and a certain level of humility to put yourself out there, put ideas out there, go for something that holds no guarantees. We went for it. I dove right in to this nonprofit world. Threw myself in the books and into my thoughts. There was so much about this BIG world I did not know. Many sleepless nights up collaborating with Clynt, writing ideas, scratching them and starting over. Many conversations with what we like to call “nae-sayers”. You know the type, they tell you things like “no one will ever help you with that”, “you aren’t gonna be able to do that”. They fill you with their doubt, tell you no to things they are too afraid to do. We just kindly smiled and thanked them for their time. We also had and still have a phenomenal support group. People who can see our vision, people who want to experience our vision, and those who just plain ole believe in us. We thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts.

So fast forward a bit to where we have great stability in a board of people who are just as dedicated as us and have really outstanding ideas. I recently spoke out about a BIG goal for us to be in a building by February. I credit this to my friend and Communications Director Franque who was determined to get me to open up about what I was truly seeking and what my expectations were without boundaries. Our belief is that if you want something, anything, you can have it. You have gratitude about what you already have, you speak about what you want as if you already have it, and you do not worry about how it will come to be. As an organization we put together a plan for 2018 as if we were going to be getting a building but also with options on how to get us active and mobile. I had been searching around at potential places for us to be and contacted a commercial realtor to look for spaces for us. We saw some great potential out there but nothing that was perfect.

Then it happened. I got a message from a business in town. They wanted us to know about a great space that had just come available, they had already spoke to the building manager about us. Not only were we putting it out there that we had this BIG goal to be in a space by February but others were too. So touching! I set up a time to sit down with them and chat about ways we could align and a few weeks ago I met with some pretty cool ladies from the Creative Arts Guild of Wylie. We talked community, art, future plans, ways to collaborate together, and more. I then set up a time to officially see the space. Clynt and I went to see it and immediately I knew it was perfect. The property manager is very nice and willing to work with us. We presented the space to the board at our next meeting. They were receptive with reservation which was understandable. They wanted to see how we would pay for the space and what it all might look like as an operating business.

Clynt and I did some major brain storming. I put together an initial projection that was WAY off mission. I was so caught up in “how will we make the money”. Clynt got me back on track and I started over. Again it wasn’t quite right. So a few sleepless nights and we rewrote all the programs specific to the mission AND with opportunity for growth and prosperity. The board met Saturday to look at the space and I knew they could see the potential Clynt and I saw. We called for an emergency meeting Sunday to go over the Financial Projection and vote.

IT WAS A UNANIMOUS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked for “those in favor” and all hands went in the air the tears started flowing. My passion for this is beyond words. We are moving forward folks. We are beyond excited to share with you our plan for programs, ways to improve the community through the power of art, and meet a BIG need we feel the community has in the way of the arts. So stay tuned my friends because BIG things are on the horizon. I am grateful for all the support this far and excited to see what the future holds. It is yet again proof that if you want something it is already yours you just need the courage to go after it. I heard some incredible advice once on an inspiration video… “To be convicted about something you might go through some discomfort. If you want to stay comfortable, relax where you are because that is where you will stay.” I have next level ability, we all do, it takes ACTION!

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