Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Planning for 2018


Sometimes one step forward provides two steps back. “Provides”?!?! Yes I said provides. We have taken a few steps back in hopes to catapult us forward. Planning, brainstorming, and round table discussions provided a ton of insight for the board over the last few months. I feel so honored to be surrounded by a group of people with passion and drive to make this organization impactful for our growing community. We have formed committees and have been meeting with intention and purpose. I am confident that 2018 will provide us with opportunities and growth.

I am very excited about committees as this gives us an opportunity to really divide and conquer. There are currently three committees; financial, development, and events. We have brought on a communications director, Frankque Graham. Frankque comes to us with a ton of experience in the advertising, marketing, and art industries. She has a lot to offer the organization and has added dynamic energy to our board. We welcomed Sandra Littleton as part of our event committee. She has a vibrant portfolio and a very stylistic approach to acrylic and mixed media painting. She has a passion for the arts, our mission, and serving the community. Our little village is deliberately growing and that alone is a positive influence for our path in 2018.

I have written before about my patience in all of this but stepping back has been the real golden key. The vision for the future of this organization is so sustainable and meaningful. It is not hope I have for the growth it is determination, it is unwavering faith. It is often a challenge for me to see that we are still in “start up” phase. I keep my sights set on the future because that keeps me driven. A fault, maybe, but only because I tend to get ahead of myself in doing that. We are going to really be leaning on our family and friends for support to seed our mission in the beginning of 2018. It will be with support of those who are close to us and believe in us that will get this organization moving forward.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you in a BIG way in 2018.

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