Week Nine – Chance

Twelve Week Challenge
Week Nine – Chance


Week nine is here! This twelve week challenge takes us inside ourselves as take time to discover how creativity can bring us light, love, and joy. This week for me was all about color! The creative process can bring so much joy and sometimes it can be so simple. I took some time this week with a little friend of mine. He alone brings me a ton of joy and has such a spontaneous personality, but mix that with a little paint and the magic happens.


One of my favorite styles is abstract. What I absolutely love is its simplicity. Beyond that simplicity you can see and feel things in your pigment. Abstract art lets the art tell the story. Wherever the paint lands, however the colors mix, whatever the end result is. No mistakes, nothing complete, nothing incomplete. It just is. There is something powerful about that. There is real power when someone else can feel from it. I enjoy creating abstract art it takes me away from barriers, restrictions, and perfection often experienced. The takeaway feels so empowering.


This week I got messy with my son. He had a different approach than me but we both took the process and let it just be. Of course he loved that he was just getting messy but he was experiencing the process. He was experiencing the mixing, the flow of the pigment, and the chance that the end would be art. I enjoyed the process of my own piece of course. Experiencing the mixture of colors, reversing that by adding more, changing the direction the paint took when it hit the board. There was also that background joy. The laughter of my son and the sloshing noise from the obscene amount of paint on his canvas. For a short amount of time I was just in the moment of my paint and his laughter and in that time there was peace. Nothing else mattered, nothing else was happening. All things stopped just for that time.

Take out some paint and let it be your guide. No expectation, no desire, no technique. Let me know how your week was. Let me know if you take on art by chance this week and what you thought about it. Until next week…

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