Week Six – Brain Storm

Twelve Week Challenge
Week Six – Brain Storm


I cannot believe we are half way through this journey, WEEK SIX! It has been exciting for me and I hope you have learned a lot about yourself. This week I experienced creativity in the way of brainstorming and being with someone that reminded me that I need to have an intentional purpose. This week has been a whirlwind for me. I have been off balance, stressed out, and sleep deprived. Some personal things happened this week that were the cause of these stressors and I have NOT taken anytime for myself.

I was deep into my work one night and realized I had placed myself in a creative box. I was out of ideas, tired, and ready to throw in the towel. I have been continuing to educate myself on the nonprofit sector. I keep reading how important it is to grow your community, reach outside of your board and staff for advice and ideas. So I was trying to think about how to get myself out of this creative box and who could I call on to help me. As the Executive Director in charge of some BIG things in order to get this organization moving, sometimes things start to bleed together. Deep in thought it hit me that I had the resources, I knew who to reach out to. In fact, I was mentally taken back right before graduating college. A friend of mine had asked me if we would stay connected after graduation, I said yes. She was a great person with a big heart and an open mind, the exact qualities I look for in a friend. She replied “don’t be that person that says they will and then doesn’t.” That memory was a slap in the face because I had done just that. Now I can give excuses as to why but what’s the use, I didn’t follow through. I needed to reconnect and now!

So I called on this person and her and I got together Monday afternoon. What a grand relief! It was so refreshing to reconnect with someone that brings immense energy, genuine conversation, and out of the box ideas. This was especially refreshing after the last few days I’d had. During our brainstorming session we realized that what she was doing and what we are doing at Wythdraw Art Community were directly aligned. It was also apparent that we needed each other.


Beyond the work of brainstorming for purpose of business her company brought light to me that was missing in the week. We talked about things that really mattered, things that raised our frequency. She recognized that I was disconnected at times. She reminded me I was missing intentional purpose. I was outside of the moment, had forgotten that being present right here right now was where I needed to be. When she left my house the frequency she brought carried me through, I was radiating so much energy and I was on fire with ideas. The afternoon completely redirected me and I had forgotten all about those stressors I was allowing to guide me before.

The point is we know when we are stressed, we feel it. It holds tension, anxiety, and often anger. So if we can notice that then we can stop it. We have to be able to just be. Sit quietly. Breathe. Be in the moment. Feel those feeling without judgment, put them away, and move on. Then we have to allow ourselves to notice the calm that follows, notice the difference in the vibration of our soul. Then you can start with a clean fresh mind that does not encompass everything that stress carries and the frequency of that new energy will move you to places you could not go before. I would like to invite you to listen in on my friends Podcast. She goes live every Monday at 11am and you can watch a few of her previous episodes before next week. Let me know what you think of it, let her know you came to listen. Click HERE and look for Frequency Matters. Remember that art is anything that brings light and love into you and it can come in many forms. Until next week…

Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!
– Dana


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