Week Five – Green Thumb

Twelve Week Challenge
Week Five – Green Thumb



It’s week five ya’ll!! How is your weekly commitment going? Are you learning things about yourself, about your time, about a creative space, what about the creative process? Are you wanting to know more, wanting to experience more? We have some seminars and programs that will be rolling out soon so stay tuned for information on that. If this is your first time reading about the twelve week challenge you will want start HERE. This week I took things outside to one of my favorite spaces and one of my absolute favorite things to do.

I have a yellowish green thumb (more green than yellow these days) and aspire to have a really green one like my mamaw. Growing up she always had the most beautiful flower beds and garden spaces, she still does. The woman can just throw some stuff like old rotting tomatoes in the backyard and poof beautiful tomato plants everywhere. She has some amazing secrets about propagation, plant reproduction, extracting and storing seeds, the list goes on. My love for plants and gardening comes directly from her. Most every time I go visit her I leave with new plants. My LOVE for succulents also comes from her. She has many different kinds but she has a lot of chicken and hens, which tend to be my favorite. I have a number of house plants, my flower beds are filled, and I have a repurposed armor for a potting station on my back porch. Gardening is definitely a hobby of mine and something that I find a great deal of peace in. I really enjoy being at nursery’s. I have two favorites, Calloway’s in Richardson and Puckett’s Nursery and Landscape in Allen. Both places have great selections and friendly staff members that have a great deal of knowledge.

Recently we had our driveway re-poured and the people that were hired to do the job were, well sloppy and careless. They ripped up one of my flower beds with no regard and left a HUGE mess behind. Myself, my husband, and both kids spent a few hours one afternoon cleaning up their mess. We had to beat up concrete in the flower bed and all in the grass from their sloppy job where concrete had poured out over and beyond their temporary border, or whatever it was they attempted to put up. This was a great opportunity for us to get some bonding in with teamwork in mind. Since everything was cleaned up and cleared away it was time to redo the flower bed.


This morning I spent some time in Calloway’s, alone with no kids which was nice. I had some time to spare so I enjoyed the cool breeze, sound of the birds chirping and bathing in the freshly watered planters, the array of colors that spread through the nursery and the aroma that filled it. I could spend all day at the nursery and a TON of money. Once I got home I cleaned out the weeds that were sprouting, layed down a barrier, and filled it with new dirt and flowerbed potting soil. My son “helped” spread the dirt, I am certain he just took the opportunity to play in the dirt but I don’t blame him. I mixed in some plant food and placed the plants out how I thought they looked nice. About half way through planting my neighbor came over and we got to chat a bit while I finished up. Good conversation with my sweet friend is always a plus. It was early afternoon but I already had a hectic morning, prior to getting to the nursery, so it was so nice to enjoy the weather, have my hands in the dirt, good conversation, and a chance to create. Remember that art is in everything you do, anything and everything that brings creativity, love, and light into you. Being at the nursery, recreating my flowerbed, and time with a friend did all of that. It’s not always about drawing or painting. And when I finished not only did I feel the reward of my work but I had completely forgotten about my hectic morning and had let go of the anxious feelings it brought.

If you haven’t taken any time for yourself this week I hope that you do. It’s nice outside and a great time to plant something that will add some beautiful fall color to your house. Don’t have a green thumb? Most of us start out yellow anyway… until next week. Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!
– Dana


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