News – Roll out

News – Roll out!

We are rolling out some BIG things for you.

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It is about that time. Time to check in and give you some updates!! The board has been hard at work. Racking up ideas to get programs started, host more fundraising events, and some other amazing surprises I will share with you in due time, wink wink. We are pumped to start planning for 2018 in our November meeting and I cannot wait to see how the year opens up for this organization.

Fundraisers are what drive organizations. Donations provide ways for organizations to continue to provide to the community, offer change, and create hope. Our very first fundraiser kicks off tomorrow evening at Chipotle in Rockwall. There is still time to RSVP to the event and come have dinner with us. We have another fundraiser at Fuddruckers in Plano on November 13th. You will be able to find information about that on our Facebook page or our Events page soon. Our goal is to have one family fun fundraiser night a month so we hope to see you at some of these. Funds raised for this organization are divided up to support programs and saved to get us into a facility so that we can offer more programs to the community. We are currently working on sponsorship programs so if that is something you feel inclined to do keep an eye out for that to roll out. You can also visit our Donate page if you feel inclined to give that way. We thank you in advance for your support and belief in our efforts.

Programs? Yes that is right we are on the verge of rolling out some programs for the community. It has been a long time coming, or so it feels that way to me. I am beyond excited that I can start planning and putting this into action. I fee like it has been forever since I have been in a classroom setting where I have not only the opportunity to teach but to inspire and receive the joy in the artistic results people see. I cannot even begin to explain how rewarding that is. Ok so to the programs. We are rolling out a place to create, yoga and beer nights, a fall break kick off party, and the rest I will keep you in suspense! Stay tuned for all of that to start rolling out in the next few weeks.

For the final announcement, we have selected a new 2nd VP! I am very happy to announce that this week. This position is right hand to me as the Executive Director and assists with many things like programs, fundraisers, sponsorships and more. This person is very resourceful and plays a big role in our community so we are excited to have her join our team.

Are you doing my Twelve Week Challenge? If not jump in, it is so much fun and your heart and mind will thank you in a BIG way!

Talk to ya’ll soon.

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