Week Four – Gratitude

Twelve Week Challenge
Week Four – Gratitude

Personal Development and Self Discovery

Here we are at week four hopefully you are feeling the positive impact from your weekly commitment of taking some time out for yourself. If this is your first time reading be sure to check out the previous weeks, it is not too late to get started.

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Art is in everything you do, anything and everything that brings creativity, love, and light into you. Let go of personal expectations or outside expectations and allow yourself to feel love and light that this commitment will bring. This week I am focused on gratitude. I was doing some heavy thinking and realized that I have really dropped the ball lately on practicing and showing gratitude. It came up in a conversation my husband and I were having and we both noticed that our kids were lacking in this area lately and it was a direct reflection of our laxed efforts. I was reminded that we are quickly approaching the Thanksgiving season which in recent years it has become socially popular to post daily what you are thankful for during the month of November. That is all good and well but the problem is we should have gratitude daily year round not just because it becomes socially popular based on the month and because people are watching. Same goes for gathering with your family, but that is a whole different conversation I suppose.

Gratitude is so important for your soul. Being grateful actually gives you the ability to transform your life and allows you to maintain a sense of happiness giving your mind and body nourishment. When was the last time you recognized things you have to be grateful for? We get so caught up in these so called stresses of our day to day that we forget what really matters. Probably more than half of the things we find stress in are so superficial anyway that when you sit back and really think about it you can start to realize what energy has been wasted stressing. It’s really a simple concept. Let’s go back to the nourishment it gives. Think about eating something that has spoiled, let this be your stressed out ungrateful mind. Now think about eating fresh delicious food, let this be your grateful mind. Which one makes you feel better? Which do you want more of? Easy answer right!? Here is another consideration, when we feel appreciated what happens? We want to do more! Imagine if you expressed gratitude more, do you think you would have less to be grateful for, doubt it! Appreciation and gratitude pull things in and attract more.

“There is no more powerful way to begin your day than this way (with gratitude). You are the creator of your life, and so begin intentionally creating your day. Begin your day with thoughts and feelings of gratitude.” – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Every day this week I have been mindful at least once a day to express gratitude for things I have in my life, things I am working on, and things I know I will accomplish in the future. I have felt so light hearted this week. I have this sense of achievement in my soul and an energy to have more to be grateful for. A few things I am grateful for his week are a successful business (my tattoo studio), a loyal and creative staff, a loving and helpful family, a partner that pushes me to be my best self, a yoga practice, and a dedicated board for this Nonprofit.

If you haven’t taken any time for yourself this week maybe take a moment to reflect on some things you have to be grateful for, share them with me in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things you will share. Until next week. Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!
– Dana



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