Week Two – Energy

Twelve Week Challenge
Week Two – Energy

Personal Development and Self Discovery

It is week two of this twelve week challenge where I have invited you to join me on a journey of self discovery. Each week I will be sharing something from my journey and looking for you to share something with me. If you missed the initial blog and want to find out more you can read “Twelve Week Challenge” or “Week One – Dreamer”. It is a commitment that will give you a better understanding of yourself and a deeper feel for your inner artist. Remember that art is in everything you do. Art is anything and everything that brings creativity, love, and light into you. So this week I thought I would take you away from palette and paper and give you a glimpse of another way I release and find strength and balance.

When I was pregnant with my son I experienced a lot of pain. He was a big baby and was very low. Someone told me I should try yoga to release some of that pain and prepare my hips for birth. I tried it out at home using Youtube. I enjoyed it but let’s face it I was huge and miserable and more than anything it felt awkward. Fast forward a few months after having him a friend and I started working out together and I heard about a yoga studio that opened in town. Her and I tried it out and I was hooked!!! Let me just say that a yoga membership is NOT necessary BUT yoga in a studio is WAY different than yoga at home. There is an infectious energy in the studio that guides you and has you craving more. I was going three to five times a week. I was understanding myself on a new level, understanding what it meant to have a practice, and I was shedding that baby weight and getting so strong. The biggest thing was the inner transformation I was experiencing. I was more calm, collected, and centered.

Fast forward again to the studio ended up closing and I was back to practicing mostly at home with a class or two here and there. I stopped for a short period of time but all in all have had a pretty strong practice for a solid four years. I am at a point in my practice that I am digging deeper into the philosophy of yoga and have a strong desire to get my teaching certification so that I can bring yoga to Wythdraw.

For me yoga offers so much more than the physical benefits. I have learned about inner peace, letting go of things that do not serve me, using my breath to relax me in places other than my mat, and the list just goes on. I read a book over the summer called The Yamas & Niyamas and I want to share this: “The path of growth is not a straight line; it does not look anything like what we think it should look like. In fact, often our belief in what growth looks like, is the very thing that stops our growth. What we think we know stops our inquiry. The Buddhists remind us to have a beginner’s mind; to know that we don’t know. It is this stance of humility that opens the door to learning and revelation.”

Let go of your expectations and free your mind to the possibilities of what this journey can bring you. I hope you make time for yourself this week and I can’t wait to see a glimpse of your journey. Until next week. Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!
– Dana




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  1. shaynefuxa says:

    Dana , your such a source of endless energy , optimism , joy and power ! I have had so many health struggles I continue to let it stop me on my path of trying to be healthy and it’s so frustrating . I am 53 years young and always strive to eat right and stay fit exercise does not come easy for me with back and hip issues I need to learn to overcome the pain and push through . Thanks

    1. Keep it up! You should try yoga you might like it 🙂

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