Week One – Dreamer

Twelve Week Challenge
Week One – Dreamer

Personal Development and Self Discovery

This twelve week challenge has officially started. I have asked you to join me on a journey of self discovery. Each week I will be sharing something from my journey and looking for you to share something with me. If you missed the initial blog and want to find out more you can read “Twelve Week Challenge”. It is a commitment that will give you a better understanding of yourself and a deeper feel for your inner artist.

This weeks drawing is a product of a racing mind. I have BIG dreams and my to do list is rarely completed. I often find my desk overwhelmingly stacked. A busy mind is a new thing for me. Before, I could shut it down at the snap of a finger. Sometimes I feel like now I have these internal battles going on. It’s almost like my to do lists are fighting for priority. I think about something that needs to be done, then I remember something I forgot to do, then a new idea comes. You get it. Some of you can probably relate.

While working on this drawing I was able to be present in the moment of creation. All other things left aside. Which brought a renewed sense of peace that my mind needed in order to redefine my priorities. Stepping away from the creative moment I took that peace with me throughout the day and was able to reflect back to that time of being present and regroup when necessary.

I also started a new book this week called How To Practise. 20170920_090905I wanted to share some with you, be in the moment when you read this and really think about what it means for you. “My spiritual practice gave me an outlook that made it possible to keep searching for solutions without losing sight of the fact that we are all humans led astray by wrong ideas and united by common bonds, ready for improvement.”

I hope that you all have taken some time for yourself this week. If you haven’t no worries it’s only Wednesday. Not sure what to do, let this be your guide. Draw your own version of a dreamcatcher.

Until next week. Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!
– Dana



2 comments on “Week One – Dreamer”
  1. shaynefuxa says:

    This was awesome as I start a new journey of peace myself I am learning it’s ok to be still with myself thanks for your inspiration #stilllearning

    1. Being still with yourself can be so difficult sometimes which makes it even more important.

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