Twelve Week Challenge

Twelve Week Challenge

Personal Development

Self Discovery

Self discovery and personal development should be something everyone is passionate about. Unfortunately many spend their lives covering up who they really are or living life by the approval of others. Not to mention we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of this fast paced world we make excuses not to take time for ourselves. Often a journey of self discovery does not happen until something traumatic happens, one feels dissatisfied, depressed or otherwise unhappy. Not making time for ourselves is the very root of our unhappiness. Rather than wait for the journey to give you some solution to your current problems have the desire to always be working on yourself. Make yourself a priority, you deserve it. Let’s challenge and support one another in making time and space to get creative and explore ourselves.

Three years ago I unexpectedly lost my dad. He was my compass. I looked to him more than I realized. I was beyond lost. After continuing to hear how much I had changed and feeling like my relationships were on rocky shores I was faced with a decision. My husband is a very deep and forthcoming man. One night he said some things that really hurt but at the same time opened my eyes to what was going on inside. Sometimes when we are down and so busy hiding from it we become accustomed to those feelings and in some strange way they begin to make us comfortable. Change can be scary but I’m realizing more and more that wondering and wishing you had made an effort is even more scary. Either I continue down this path that I was choosing to ignore or make some changes. I chose change.

It took me a while to figure out a plan. During that time I was constantly asking myself questions. Questioning things that people were saying to me about how I was, questioning my actions and interactions with my kids, questioning the value of certain friendships and relationships. All of these questions gave me one answer. I no longer knew who I was. All of the hurtful truths people were giving me and all the internal questioning I was doing led me to a path of self discovery. Life is a strange thing and has so many defining moments. There are often things and people that we allow to define us. Sometimes we need to pull away from all of that and start with a clean definition. I made note of things I did not like about myself, things I wanted to be, things I wanted to do, and ways I thought I could execute them. Recently I was inspired by my friend, Dr. Cassidie Marzluff at T3 Chiropractic to give this path of self discovery a more specific focus. This inspiration gave me the notion that while we are working toward our building I need to use the internet and social media as my platform to start doing something to help people use the power of art and find genuine happiness.

Throughout this journey of self discovery I have read several books including The Secret, Did I Ever Wake Up, The Unified Theory of Happiness, Yamas and Niyamas, No Mud No Lotus, and What the Buddha Taught. I committed to daily bullet journaling that started out as a “to-do” list but developed into holding myself accountable for things I was trying to make habit, and positive affirmations that coincided with law of attraction and manifesting my own reality. Often I allow certain commitments to be difficult by pressing unrealistic time constraints on myself. It is hard to juggle being a wife, mom, business owner, founder of a developing non profit, volleyball coach, volunteering. Not to mention pursuing another business avenue that I am feeling very drawn to lately while finding time for myself. Time to release and create. Time to explore my thoughts and render them visually. I recently bought a sketch book and committed to doing one thing a day in it. A daily visual journal. It has one thing in it from September 1st which further demonstrates my need for healthy time management. I thought this would be a great way to hold myself accountable and to use this as a teaching opportunity.

In EVERYTHING we do there is art, ways to create. Art is anything and everything that brings creativity, love, and light into you. All of which are subjective which only further expands the idea of art itself. Every person has the tools within to create and has the tools within to heal. Art takes you inside, creating a relationship with self allowing you to alter your state of consciousness giving you a higher enlightened energy. That conscious energy increases your senses, increases your knowledge of self, allows you to experience your inner artist. Allow art to be about the process and not the product. Let art be a way of being and seeing life so that you can mold your realities to fit your vision.

So I challenge you to get on a journey of self discovery. Let art lead you. Art as defined above not art as in drawing with a pencil or painting with a brush. A weekly commitment. Follow my lead. Share it with me. Once a week I will post something from my journey. From that I want you to share yours. If you are worried about how personal something is and don’t want  to show it just take a cropped photo. Let’s commit to this through November. First of December I will select one random person and reward them with a gift. Most importantly I hope that you are able to take away how powerful art is and how empowered it makes you. I hope that you find yourself doing something and realize you are creating and experiencing through art and discovering yourself all at the same time.



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