Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time
Great Things Take Work

Where have we been?

My apologies for being away so long. When I wasn’t spending time traveling with my family whether for work or summer fun I was tucked away doing research. I have been busy trying to find ways to get us to that next level, finding ways to drive our mission, exploring outlets to work with others in the community to make a bigger impact. I am so ready for us to be out there making a difference in our community and sharing the power of art with everyone. Good things take time and great things take work, that is what I have to keep telling myself. Patience is not always my friend, that is no surprise to those who know me, but this is a process and sometimes the process is where we learn the most. So I decided to be in the process mindfully and absorb all that I could to make myself a better leader for this organization. I am out of my research hole, kinda, and back on the path. We have some exciting ideas and have decided to take the execution of our work down a different path, one that I hope will be more effective.

What you can expect to see?

I am on the verge of launching different ways you can donate, I will make that public very soon, at this point I am at the mercy of others while I wait for approvals and such. The board is busy planning some exciting fundraising events that will trickle out in the fall. We have a new section of the blog entitled “Notes from the President”. The first one I know you will enjoy, Clynt shares with you his very personal experience from the Bluegrass Festival we did this summer and you can really feel his passion for the arts and this organization. We were very blessed at our meeting yesterday to meet with a brilliant woman who gave us some advice about direction, aligning with other organizations, and ways to get funding. While we work on funding to get us a facility we have come up with some ideas for ways to operate and we are eager for that as well.

So I hope you are following the blog and following us on Facebook because I will be updating you all on everything as things start to happen. Good things take time. Great things take work. We trust the process and we trust the timing.

Talk to ya’ll soon.

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