A good foundation

A good foundation

So several weeks and meetings later parts of this big machine are beginning to move. I think I have mentioned before that I KNOW this dream of ours WILL be a reality. The only question is when. That , in the  word when, that is where my anxiety is. I get so excited about what I already see I forget there are other steps to take to get there. This trait could be a quality, it pushes me sometimes further than I recognize. It can also be troublesome, I get ahead of myself. I find so much passion in this organization and get lost in the vision I have for it’s future I have to constantly remind myself that I need not worry how it will come to be and just continue to KNOW that it will be. In that place of being centered is where I find my inspiration, creativity, focus, and drive. Several weeks ago at a board meeting we discussed what we would do to raise money this coming weekend. I felt like everyone was centered with intention. So many ideas were flowing. I left that meeting feeling so energized. During these weeks of prep and planning I can feel the excitement filling inside me.

I guess we can call this the first part of our first campaign “Help Us Build A Home”. Tomorrow we will be at Bluegrass on Ballard, click HERE to join our “Help Us Build A Home” event. Stop by our booth and get creative with us, sign up to be a volunteer, sign up to pledge sponsorship, and meet the board.

A day filled with art and music in a community that I LOVE! Saturday couldn’t get here sooner! Can’t wait to create with ya’ll!

Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!

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