Eliminate your Doubt

Sometimes when we make a decision to take a specific path in life we are faced with challenges. What we do with those challenges defines our determination and desires. When we began the nonprofit journey we were met with doubt. People were almost talking us out of it. “Oh it is so hard to get approval”, “You need to hire someone to do the paperwork for you”, “That is going to be a lot of hard work”. I will admit we allowed that negativity to alter our determination, it is the very reason this organization didn’t get started sooner. We were intimidated by the process. We were intimidated by the unknown. We were intimidated by the possibilities of failure. One night we had a VERY intense conversation. That conversation allowed us to realize that we were already failing because we were not even trying. That was their experience, that was their lack of confidence. BIG decisions were made that night. I decided to stop doing something that I was very passionate about so that I could put all my focus on the progress of this organization, we had NO MORE TIME TO LOSE! This dream could ONLY become reality if we MADE it one!

We had another board meeting yesterday and can I just tell you that Wythdraw has an amazing board of trust. I am beyond grateful for these people. We finalized our Bylaws and will be adopting those at the next meeting. We discussed possibilities for the BIG Reveal Party. Talked about a potential Event Committee. The most exciting thing of all we were introduced to possibilities of BIG sponsors! One that could potentially sponsor a building for us. I am a FIRM believer that what the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve, this is a famous quote from my daddy. I know without a shadow of doubt that someone will see what we are trying to accomplish, see how we want to help people through the power of art, see that we are here to make a LASTING impact and follow through by supporting us.

This morning I opened up a new page to post this blog and was immediately stopped by the urge to call the IRS. I thought to myself let me just call and confirm that our 501c3 application has been approved so that I can share that TODAY with everyone. Do you know that five days after the application was submitted we were approved! I cannot tell you how many people told us how lengthy and difficult this process would be. We let that get in our way and today we were given proof that if you just stay positive and work hard you CAN make it happen. I am literally in tears writing this, this means we have NOTHING in our way. So look out world because we are coming to help you Eliminate your Doubt, Activate your Confidence, Create your Future!

– Dana

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