And so it begins…

This has been a long time coming! Clynt and I have been planning, preparing, and dreaming about this Art Community for about three years and it took us longer than expected to get where we are but we could not be more excited. We are certain that patience and persistence brought us to an amazing board and opportunities we didn’t see three years ago. I am consumed with emotions as this all comes to life, I can see so many great things for this organization and what it will bring to our community and communities that surround us. The anticipation is overwhelming and we are eager to get classes started, mentorships going, and help others learn art and heal through the power of art. To get there we have few more steps to take.

We have officially had our first board meeting and swore in the first board members, information about the board will be up on the website soon. We took care of a TON of business and began discussing the beginning stages of the organization. Paperwork has been submitted to the IRS for our 501c3 status and we are eager to receive that. We have a few fundraising campaigns that we are working on and information will come with ways you can help. Our first BIG event is currently being planned, our BIG Reveal Party! Just wait till you see what we have in store for you, it is an event you DO NOT want to miss!

So what are we planning to do you ask? I know I am just itching to get back in a classroom setting, host art camps for the littles (especially my Dodd Dinos, shout out!) We will be working on finding and training mentors, putting together specific programs that help at-risk teens, battered and abused woman, young mothers, single parents, or anyone bold enough to explore this world of art therapeutically. BUT there are a few things we MUST do first. We need a facility, a place to call home. Now we have our eye on several places in Wylie, Rockwall, Royse City, and Garland but it will take some funding. So our biggest NEED right now is just that Funds. We are looking to you to help us and I am not just asking you to donate I am asking you to help us spread the word about our organization. The more people we know the better. You never know who is sitting at their desk just searching for an organization like ours. We are asking for information, maybe you know about some grants, we would love for you to send us the information. Any way you think you can help we are grateful.

We have already received several emails and Facebook messages asking to volunteer!!! Isn’t that awesome! I have started a database, but you will have an official opportunity to join our team at the Reveal Party. Many people have given us their information over the last year when Clynt and I really started putting our plan out into the universe and I HOPE I have entered all of you in. The point here is even if you have given us your info give it again just to be sure because we do not want to leave anyone off.

Can’t wait to start creating with you! – Dana

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